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The Hourglass GOLD 30 mins


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The Hourglass is a true engineering feat. Made in Basel, Switzerland, it is blown from a single piece of borosilicate glass and contains millions of nano spheres made of stainless steel. Each sphere is precisely 0.6 mm in diameter and coated with fine gold and silver. When the Hourglass is inverted, the precision balls fall and bounce in an unstructured but truly mesmeric way.

When the idea was discussed to design a piece that would be beyond anything that exists in the watch market yet still be linked to it – I immediately thought of an hourglass. It is an ancient and noble concept. This hourglass is all about time, but in a more esoteric and fundamental way. I was thinking of having fun with time.”


4mm Borosillicated Glass
Size: 240 x 200 mm
Net weight: 5.3kg
Calibrated 0.6mm Stainless Steel Precision Balls
Balls weight 3.0kg; 3,409,080 pcs
30grs fine gold

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