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Bespoke Straps by ABP Concept Paris


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ABP is a French craft company, certified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Company of Living Heritage) by the French government because 80% of the watch straps and leather goods are custom made in their Parisian workshop, with the highest standards of quality.


So for example, if you need to order replacement leather watch straps for Patek Philippe or Cartier Santos 100 watches, hand made watchbands for Panerai, crocodile watch bands for Apple watch, luxury watchbands, premium taylor made watch straps for Hermes or Jaeger Lecoultre watches, bespoke watch bands for Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore, handmade leather watch straps for Tag Heuer, IWC Big Pilot or Tudor watches.. and you don't know where to buy ? don't think any more, visit us and seek advice from the best custom watch band and watchstraps manufacturer.


- Customer care: The core business is to propose to watch or leather lovers the widest choice on the planet... for leathers (alligator, crocodile, caiman, horn back alligator, camel, llama, Kobe cow, buffalo, calf, stingray, beaver tail, ostrich, ostrich leg, lizard, tiger shark, dogfish, python, boa, sea snake, anaconda, karung, kargaroo, toad, frog, salmon, tilapia, perch, sturgeon, pirarucu, eel, water snake, cobra, elephant, hippopotamus, cordovan (horse), and many more...), for type of watch straps (classic watchbands, vintage watchstraps, NATO straps, perlon straps, technical straps with inserts, curved ends watch bands, open ended watchbands...), for innovation (if it is possible... we can make it. If it does not exist and you need it... we make it. That is how we developped and put a patent on the famous Rolex integrated R strap). We are human beings, and as real human beings, we always try to help and serve you as we would like to be treated if we were the customers. And this is not an empty promise. In the same way, we're only using allowed leathers registered in the CITES (Washington international convention regulated trade of animal species) and manufacturing process respecting environement as much as possible.


- Technical skills: We are a craft company certified EPV Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Company of the Alive Heritage) by the French government. Their craftsmen are like leather mercenaries able to make watchbands and leather straps, bags and belts, small leather goods, leather covering... If you can draw what you want, we can make it.


- Parisian touch of fantasy: At a time when every company is trying to focus on a calculated strategy, developp a positioning, and invent a commercial history... ABP is crazy enough to invent every single day, to create items not necessarily related to its image, often loosing money, but this is the only way to stay "in touch" with creativity and always improve their workers skills, passion, pride, and motivation, wheter they are accountant, sellers, webmasters or craftsmen.

Lead time

  1. We will try our best to send out shipments within 2 working days
  2. If stock is unavailable, the lead time will be depending on the brand/vendor's schedule

Shipping time and Couriers

  1. All the items will be sent by Fedex from Hong Kong; a tracking number will be provided so that you can track your package anytime on the Internet
  2. Estimated time of arrival will be around 7-15 days depending on the country and speed of customs processing time

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